Wedding Options at Hope

What Hope Church Offers

Congratulations on your engagement! Weddings and receptions for Hope members may happen at Hope's campus.

To inquire about renting Hope Campus for your wedding, contact or call the Hope office at 817.535.5555 (M-Th, 8-5pm) to inquire about making arrangements.

Services Available

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is required when getting married at Hope. Please contact to set this up.

Package Pricing

The purpose of Hope building package pricing is to cover costs incurred by Hope Church when the building is used for events unrelated to normal use (electric, heating, cooling, security, janitorial costs, etc.). Hope Church does not make any profit from these fees. 

All Packages include:  

Wedding Coordinator, Security, AV Technician (catering not included) 

Package 1: $2,020 

This price includes:  

• Building usage for the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner ($350), wedding ceremony, and reception* 

Package 2: $1,840 

This price includes:  

• Building usage for the rehearsal, wedding ceremony, and reception* 

Package 3: $1,580 

This price includes:  

• Building usage for the rehearsal and wedding ceremony* 

Package 4: $790 

This price includes:  

• Building usage for the reception only 

Additional Costs (not included in the packages) 

• Renting Hope’s white tablecloths - $12 each 

• Usage of Hope’s coffee equipment and supplies:  

$60 total for 100 wedding guests or less 

$120 total for 200 wedding guests 


The Senior Pastor does not usually conduct wedding ceremonies. You may check with other Hope staff members. If you would like to have a pastor outside of Hope perform the ceremony, a letter with his credentials, such as where he went to school and where he received his licensing/ordination is required. 

The State of Texas requires that the person performing the ceremony be listed as a minister by their denomination or group of churches. This usually involves being “licensed” or “ordained” in Texas. 

Wedding Coordinator

One of the requirements of having a wedding at Hope is to use our wedding coordinator. They will keep everything running smoothly and on time during the wedding rehearsal and the day of the wedding. The wedding coordinator is familiar with Hope’s policies, as well as available decorations and can answer questions you have about the rehearsal and wedding day. Fees for our wedding coordinator are included in the package price.

Scheduling Your Wedding

Weddings and receptions for Hope members may happen at Hope's campus. However, if you wish to have dancing or to serve alcohol at the reception, you will need to have the reception at another facility.

Hope Church events have priority in scheduling. We do not schedule weddings the weekend of our major events. In order to be ready for Sunday services, Saturday weddings must begin no later than 2:00pm and everything must be concluded and cleaned up by 6:00pm.

Additionally, before a rental agreement is finalized, a map of usage must be completed. You will need to fill out a map with the wedding coordinator showing what parts of the building are included in your rental package.

To check availability and schedule a date, please contact


  1. Does Hope Church provide people to set up and clean up at my wedding? 

Hope Church does not provide manpower for the setup or takedown of events. It is the responsibility of the party renting the space to set up and clean up (returning the building to its prior arrangement). The setup and cleanup needs to be done within the rented hours. When the event is over, the entire facility must be returned to its prior set-up. 

2. When should I inquire about reserving my wedding date? 

Inquire as soon as you have an idea of when you would like your wedding to take place. Because Hope events have priority in scheduling, having more than one option, if possible, can be helpful in reserving a date.  

3. Who should I contact if I have questions about wedding dates, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding ceremony at Hope? 


4. When do I need to pay for the building rental costs? 

A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required once the date is reserved. The remaining balance is due one week before your wedding date.

5. What other details do I need to know up front?

  • Before a rental agreement is finalized a Map of Building Usage form must be completed with the wedding coordinator. You will need to fill out this map showing what parts of the building are included in your rental package. (See Appendix 4 - Map of Building Usage.)

  • Hope Church reserves the right to refuse rental for any reason.

  • Premarital Counseling is required when getting married at Hope. Please contact to set this up.

  • Saturday weddings must be scheduled no later than 2:00pm and everything concluded and cleaned up by 6:00pm.

  • For more in-depth information about holding a wedding at Hope Church, please see How to Plan a Wedding at Hope Church and Decorating for Weddings and Showers below.