Making the Bathroom Safe for Aging Parents

What You Can Do

Bathroom Safety

  • Remove or secure all area rugs.

  • Use a bath chair in the tub/shower.

  • Install a hand-held shower sprayer.

  • Keep all soaps, shampoo, and towels within reach of the bath chair.

  • Install hand grips inside the tub/shower, wall near the tub/shower, and near the toilet.

  • Encourage bathing only when someone else is in the home for safety.

  • Keep disposable wipes and a trashcan near the toilet to help with cleaning (decrease the need for bathing). It is ok to sponge bathe. Invest in personal hygiene spray and dry shampoo to help with the idea of bathing less often.

  • Wash hair (with help) in the kitchen sink if this is more convenient and/or a safer option.

  • If there is enough space, place a chair near the sink for use when brushing teeth, combing hair, etc.